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New, WhatsApp for Windows


WhatsApp For Windows Screenshots


Works smoothly on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and New Windows 8.

Group Chat

WhatsApp for Windows have Group Chat Feature. Can talk upto 25 People in a same Chat.


Broadcast your message to 25 people instantly on WhatsApp for Windows

Share Location

Share your location with your friends easily with the built in feature using Google Maps.

Send Audio

Send Audio Files or Music Files to your friends easily.

Send Video and Pictures

WhatsApp for Windows allows you to send Pictures and Videos to your friends in high speed.


  • Download this Application. It's working perfectly on my Windows 8 Desktop. Thanks! :)

    DHenry Owens

  • I was wondering when WhatsApp for Windows going to come. But here it is. I downloaded it. Working Fine. All New UI and Better Speed.